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  • Tabitha

    Session: Virtual Gastric Band

    “Since we worked together on my weight loss three months ago I haven’t stood on a scale. I have lost 7 inches from all over my body and I no longer overeat the same way. Whenever I eat something “unhealthy” I have no guilt or shame and it doesn’t derail me from continuing on with life. I’ve been exercising less and still losing inches. The peace that I have with my body shape is incredible and I know now that my body will slowly continue to adjust to its perfect size without any effort from myself. The dress you asked me to buy nearly fits and I’m enjoying the journey to the day it does. It still hangs in my wardrobe as testament to where I’m going and how beautiful a journey it is!”

  • Session: Fear and anxiety

    Andrew is an exceptional and gifted hypnotherapist. His style is nurturing and encouraging, his voice pleasant and calming. He reaches parts of the hypnotherapists have not reached! My experience with him has been good, I feel that I have benefited greatly from our work together. I first went to see Andrew some months ago for help with my insomnia fear and anxiety. After each session, I have a recording to listen to it home, and practice with daily, nightly as required. I have noticed a marked improvement in my ability to relax and fall asleep, and I feel calmer throughout the day. I would not hesitate in recommending Andrew. He is a genuine practitioner; his work comes from the heart. I’m so glad I went to see Andrew.


  • Karen


    I’ve had 2 of my 3 appointments with Andrew & have noticed a really positive difference already. Booking my first appointment was very straightforward – Andrew responded promptly by email. Andrew has a lovely relaxed, approachable manner – he took the time to explain how hypnotherapy works & encouraged questions. I’d highly recommend ‘Hypnotherapy Now’ if you have a specific issue you’d like help with. Feedback posted on another website about Hypnotherapy Now.

  • Jeanette

    Session: Virtual Gastric Band

    Thanks so much. I have had two compliments today. Friends have said they can see me losing. Mind you I have noticed myself today. Very happy. I have been out walking & I’m enjoying it
    Thanks for everything you have done for me. I’m so grateful.

  • Kirsty

    Session: Weight Loss

    Was 17stone 9 back then and I’m now under 13st 6, can’t thank you enough 🙂

  • Emma

    Session: Weight Loss

    I have lost 3½ stones and am still losing…
    I am pleased myself and love it when I get compliments from people, the girls I work with are great and are always telling me how good I look 
    Thank you again
    Take care

  • Helen

    Session: Weight Loss

    In total I lost 18lb and I felt so happy and if I say so myself looked fabulous thanks to you and a wee help from myself. Thank you again

  • Carrie

    Session: Virtual Gastric Band

    This pic [before] was taken the week before hypnosis on the 15th February…..thank you so much for giving me my life back… and the recent one [after] was last weekend at a Xmas party.

    (Carrie came for her first hypnotherapy Virtual Gastric Band appointment in February, 2012. She soon began to lose weight and by December, 2012 she had lost 6 stone 11lbs (43kgs).)

  • Marion

    Session: Virtual Gastric Band

    I was fascinated to learn that a ‘virtual gastric band’ was something that was now available for patients under hypnotherapy, because an actual surgical procedure to have a real gastric band is something that I would never consider for myself. Any initial doubts I had about the efficacy of the procedure were soon dispelled when I began to see noticeable differences in my weight and body-shape, following my first few sessions with Andrew. I found it particularly reassuring to be able to listen to the CD he gave me to listen to between sessions. These reinforced the powerful, convincing messages that Andrew transmitted to me while I was under hypnotherapy during the weekly sessions. Following my series of hypnotherapy sessions, I am still listening to that CD regularly, with the intention of prolonging the results that this treatment has had on my weight and on my self-confidence. Marion

  • Carly

    Session: Weight Loss

    Thanks so much for the link and all of your help so far I cheated a little and weighed myself and I have lost 16lbs! It’s amazing I haven’t even felt like I am dieting and still have the odd piece of chocolate I just don’t feel like I have to demolish the whole bar! I feel much more confident about going on holiday in 2 weeks time and actually feel more in control of lots of areas of my life so the sessions haven’t for me just meant losing weight they have helped make me calmer and more confident so I can’t thank you enough. I have been telling lots of people who have commented on my weight loss about the sessions too.

  • John

    Session: Virtual Gastric Band

    Hi Andrew, In the 4 weeks since I first met you I have lost 16 lbs and now fit a 38″ waist trousers (I was 42″). I will keep you informed of my progress. Thanks again Andrew. I will no doubt see you in the future. John.

  • Heather

    Session: Virtual Gastric Band

    Hi Andrew, I have recommended this to some of my friends. Its now nearly three month since my first session and its going well. I have lost nearly 3 Stone and its been really easy. I am mainly sticking to the three small meals and very rarely eat anything outside these. The amazing thing is I don’t feel hungry and even when going out for dinner or on holiday recently and faced with three courses I followed the guidance and only had a little from each course or missed a course out and stopped when full. When I put out meals and see my small plate next to my husband’s large plate think there’s no way I could eat whats on his plate – it looks huge – and before the sessions I would have polished it off no bother. Many thanks for your help in getting me on the right path and changing my approach to food. Kind Regards Heather