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For many people hypnosis is synonymous with stage entertainment where the performer puts volunteers from the audience into a trance and commands them to do embarrassing things. This makes it sound like a joke, but in fact hypnosis is a real phenomenon and it is proving increasingly useful to psychologists and neuroscientists, granting new insights into mental processes and medically unexplained neurological disorders.

As my clients and visitors to this website know therapeutic hypnosis is very effective in helping people overcome and take control of their fears, phobias, confidence and self-esteem issue, pain management, etc.. Not to mention the more well known things like weight management and smoking cessation.

David Oakley and Peter Halligan have written an authoritative new review, debunking hypnosis myths, and covering ways that neuroscience is shedding light on hypnosis and ways hypnosis is aiding neuroscience. Read what Peter and David have to say in an article on The British Psychological Society website

Original report: Nature Review Neuroscience