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According to a report on the BBC website: “£230m obesity and diabetes drugs cost ‘harms NHS'”

NHS Scotland has spent nearly £230m on drugs to treat diabetes and obesity within three years, figures have shown.

The diabetes drugs bill was £75.7m in 2013-14, £73.2m last year and £74.2m in 2011-12. Another £6.1m went on obesity prescriptions in the three-year period.

The figures were obtained by the Tories, who said the conditions were harming both sufferers and the NHS.

The Scottish government said obesity and diabetes were on the rise across Europe and Scotland was no exception.

It said the problem was being taken seriously and a range of measures had been implemented to try to tackle it.

The most recent statistics suggested nearly a quarter of a million people in Scotland now have diabetes, almost 5% of the population.

The majority of sufferers, about 220,000, have type 2 diabetes.

A total of 3.34 million items were dispensed to treat diabetes in Scotland in 2013-14.

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