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My friend and colleague in Northern Ireland, Stevie Chan has developed a wonderful programme “The Cancer…FACE IT, BEAT IT! Programme”.

Stevie has years of experience of working with people with cancer. The Cancer…FACE IT, BEAT IT! Programme is a researched based psychological empowerment approach to cancer treatment which has been created to work alongside your medical treatments. Each step of the programme has been designed to equip you with the control and the power to ease both your emotional and physical symptoms, whilst strengthen your beliefs about your ability to recover from cancer.

Whether you have just been diagnosed and are having difficulty coping, or you’re feeling apprehensive of the possible side effects of the treatment you are about to start. Even if you are finding it hard to accept that palliative care is the only option available to you for the time being. This comprehensive programme covers every stage of your journey.

To fined out more contact Stevie at The Cancer…FACE IT, BEAT IT! Programme Or contact me now.