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Self-esteem as a key to weight-management

Are you on first name terms with your muffin-top?weighing-scales

Bingo wings in a flap?

Or on a mission to put on a few pounds and get back into the ‘healthy’ range?

Research shows that high self-esteem is significant in helping you to achieve weight-related goals. Psychologists believe it’s our reaction to setbacks that will determine our eventual success.

Self-esteem is about how you think about you; it’s a feeling and not just a number on the scales. You can build high self-esteem. This is something that The Thrive Programme helps with.

High self-esteem enables you to embrace a healthy eating plan with confidence. It means you will feel motivated to ‘pick yourself up’ again and persevere after a setback. With low-self-esteem you feel worse for longer.

Having high self-esteem means you can keep your weight management both in control and in perspective.

When people with high self-esteem have a ‘blip’ on a diet, they view it as such and move on. With low-self-esteem you are likely feel defeated, feel like a failure and give up. People with low self-esteem will beat themselves up about perceived ‘diet fails’, especially if you’re also something of a perfectionist.

Struggling with a lifestyle change without robust ‘psychological foundations’ (including self-esteem), you may start to believe you can never be fitter and healthier. You will seek comfort in the ‘bad habits’ that you’re trying to escape in the first place. Happiness really isn’t found at the bottom of a Cadbury’s Crème Egg…. And no you don’t need to eat four of them to prove this!

While drumming up willpower to jumpstart a diet is within most people’s grasp, this only works while your new habit is in the spotlight – the willpower soon wears off, especially when you have a meltdown moment. It is therefore crucial that you have the skills & backup to maintain a change once the initial enthusiasm wears off. The ability to build and maintain self-esteem is one of these skills and a key to you achieving your goals.

The best news? High self-esteem is within your grasp (and therefore so is that bikini body!) In as little as TWO WEEKS, by following The Thrive Programme you will learn how you can build your self-esteem – even if it’s at rockbottom now.

The Thrive Programme is good for your emotional wellbeing as a whole and it helps you to get the most out of life. In all cases we want you to ‘thrive’ and overcome whatever obstacles are stopping you at the moment.