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A hypnotist was called into help a football team tighten up its skills and had almost immediate results.

Video of Jaguares de Chiapas player Christian Bermudez being put under the spell of hypnotherapist Luis Guillen was released by the club, after he was invited to their training ground in Mexico.

And seconds after Bermudez, nicknamed the Hobbit due to his height, was ‘woken up’ he went on to score an David Beckham -esque free kick.

In the club footage Mr Guillen, speaking in Spanish, says: “Let your unconscious mind relax more and more and your body will simply release itself in a second.” He can then be seen shaking the Hobbit’s hand, who seems to then fall into a deep sleep at the Estadio Víctor Manuel Reyna in Chiapas. But seconds after he wakes up the video shows the 29-year-old, 5ft 3 player scoring a truly remarkable goal, which he places in the top corner from about 30 yards back.

Read the article and see the video.