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‘I fell asleep in the car on the way to the hospital’: Mothers reveal how ‘hypnobirthing’ helped them have a completely pain free labour. By Alice Murphy For Daily Mail Australia

      A growing number of mums-to-be are looking for alternative birth techniques
      Many say relaxation therapy ‘hypnobirthing’ is the key to a ‘pain free’ experience


      Auckland based practitioner Claire Yee shared her expert opinion

      Mother of two Michelle Huynh had both her daughters using the technique

      Both women believe it’s fear that causes women terrible, traumatic birth pain

As radical new wellbeing therapies become the norm, a growing number of expectant mothers are turning to alternative birthing methods in a bid to escape the pain associated with labour and birth.

One particular trend taking off in New Zealand is ‘hypnobirthing’, a pregnancy and birthing practice based on breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques which put the body into a state of self-hypnosis.

Having used the technique when delivering her son, Oliver, Auckland-based practitioner Claire Yee said she experienced a ‘pain free’ birth. Baby

Her claim is supported by her client Michelle Huynh, a high flying recruiter and mother of two who engaged in hypnobirthing affirmations while giving birth to her baby daughters.

According to Ms Yee, hypnobirthing aims to eliminate birth-related fear by teaching women and their partners about every intricacy of the labour process.

‘Hypnobirthing is based on science and really works with the physiology of the body to have the best experience on birthing day possible,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We explain how the body works during pregnancy and how mothers can work with their own body to make the entire process from labour to birth as comfortable as possible.

‘We teach women to be empowered – we want them to support themselves and know their own body.’

Full article by Alice Murphy

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