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Thrive for Teenagers

Thrive for Teenagers

In September Rob Kelly, founder of the Thrive Programme and co-author of Thrive for Teenagers will be attending the Scottish Learning Festival. He will be giving a seminar on Thrive to the visitor and delegates.

The Thrive Programme breaks down the sometimes seemingly impossible tasks of building up your self-esteem and becoming aware of your negative thinking habits into manageable bite-sized chunks. Thrive helps you to understand and appreciate your character and its attendant deepest emotions. The exciting and challenging Thrive sessions will transform your life.
Thrive has been developed over twenty years by Rob Kelly, the internationally renowned psychotherapist. Thrive is already being applied to a whole variety of settings from classrooms to prisons, from GP forums to NHS self-help programmes.

Thrive For Teenagers has been successfully used in England to help secondary school students to build up their self-confidence and their self-esteem. The positive change in both the personal and the academic lives of the students has been remarkable.

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