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If you want to think positively but always seem to find the negative in situations, science could have an solution for you.

New research, highlighted in a recent BBC documentary suggests you can be turned into a glass half full person – just by the power of your own mind.

We asked Rob Kelly, counsellor and creator of the Thrive programme and author of several books about transforming our thought processes, how we can think ourselves to happiness.

Here are his six steps to positive thinking:

1. Process the positive experiences in your life

Make some effort to really notice the positive things that happen to you everyday. Many of us don’t process these or dismiss them too quickly, meaning that effectively they receive little or no psychological benefit from the experience at all; it might as well have never happened!

Putting effort into thinking about your positive experiences over the last few days or weeks (no matter how small!) for just five or ten minutes every day can really help psychological wellbeing. If your positive experience was something that you achieved, such as cooking a delicious dinner or going for a run, you can also remind yourself that you brought about the experience, helping yourself to feel empowered and capable.

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