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Home / Help / Many medical conditions helped with hypnosis!

“According to a column by Melinda Beck in the Wall Street Journal (US), “Scientific evidence is mounting that hypnosis can be effective in a variety of medical situations, from easing migraine headaches to lowering blood pressure, controlling asthma attacks, minimizing hot flashes and diminishing side effects from chemotherapy.” One study even found that patients who were hypnotized before surgery saved an average of $331 on doctor’s bills and pain medication.

Citing various experts, Beck goes on to say that, contrary to widespread misunderstanding, “Real hypnosis for therapeutic purposes gives subjects more control over their minds and bodies, not less.”

“Last week, two studies from Sweden found that one hour a week of hypnotherapy for 12 weeks eased symptoms of irritable-bowel syndrome in 40% of patients (compared with 12% in a control group) and that the positive effects can last as long as seven years.”

“Such scientific findings still catch skeptics by surprise—in part because many claims haven’t been carefully studied. “Hypnosis is like a good kid with a bad reputation. Everybody is interested, but in the back of their minds, they’re thinking of Bela Lugosi,” says Guy Montgomery, director of the Integrative Behavioral Medicine program at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York who has led many of the studies. “It’s not mind control. We can’t make somebody rob a bank,” he says.”

The Wall Street journal (US) in April 2012: