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Hypnosis can alter the way certain individuals information process information in their brain. A new phenomenon was identified by researchers from the University of Skövde in Sweden and the University of Turku in Finland, who have successfully used hypnosis to induce a functional analogue of synesthesia. The discovery can open a window into the previously unexplored domains of cognitive neuroscience.

Synesthesia is generally understood to be a rare phenomenon where, for example, seeing a certain letter or number is uniformly accompanied by an automatic association to or a visual perception of a colour.

Photo by Maite Tiscar on Unsplash

“The current study confirms the research group’s previous results which showed that it is possible to use hypnotic suggestion to trigger visual hallucinations in a way that is otherwise not possible — say, through practiced use of mental imagery,” says Docent Sakari Kallio from the University of Turku.

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