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From the Hull Daily Mail:

The Hull grandad says he was inspired to seek help after seeing Ant McPartlin’s struggles.

A west Hull grandad who was addicted to painkillers for 30 years says he has been cured through just three hours of hypnotherapy.

The 64-year-old businessman, who did not want to be named, was taking up to 14 tramadol tablets a day after becoming hooked on the pain reliever 13 years ago.

Prior to that, he used to take other painkillers after he was given a “cocktail” of narcotics to help relieve severe back ache following a rugby collision he sustained in his 30s.

From there on, the grandfather-of-two took a multitude of narcotics in secret away from his wife and children, who were none the wiser.

He tried counselling to curb his addiction but to no avail.

However, when a well-known TV host checked into rehab with the same problems, he realised he had to stop taking painkillers once and for all.

“I did nothing for two years then I read about Ant McPartlin and how he was addicted to tramadol and I thought Christ almighty I have really got to start doing something about this.”

After reading the Mail, he discovered Diana Rushton – a Hessle hypnotherapist who uses rapid transformational therapy to cure people of their fears and addictions.

He was initially sceptical about signing up but soon decided to face his fears as he paid £200 for a session.

He took one tramadol tablet beforehand and left another in his pocket before going in to meet Miss Rushton.

He says he then walked out of her clinic a changed and revitalised man after just three hours with her.

“I felt as if I had just done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. I felt drained and I completely forgot about the other tablet in my pocket.

“As I was getting undressed later that evening I found the tramadol and I just chucked it down the loo.

“I then slept like a log and the next morning I couldn’t face another painkiller. I just thought ‘this is nuts, this is absolutely nuts.’”

Fast forward six months, and the reformed businessman hasn’t been tempted since.

“It was a miracle,” he said. “I walked out of that place and I thought ‘what has she done?’

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