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  • Facebook Special Offer: Exam Stress

    I am offering a very special offer via Facebook. Over the next few months there are Standard Grade, Intermediate and Higher Exams as well as College and University exams. Hypnosis... read more

  • National No Smoking Day

    To mark National No Smoking Day I am having a special offer for all those people who want to stop smoking! For all bookings taken during the next 4 weeks... read more

  • Now on Twitter and Facebook

    Find out about the latest Offers and therapies from Hypnotherapy Now on Twitter and Facebook: CLICK HERE

  • Pathway to Success!

    Statistics speak for themselves: Psychoanalysis: 38% improvement after 600 sessions Behavioral Therapy: 72% improvement after 22 sessions Hypnotherapy: 93% success after 6 sessions ~American Health Magazine

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! At this time of year many people decide to take control with their lives, lose weight, give up smoking, etc. If you would like some help to... read more

  • Skype appointments

    If you are unable to attend your appointment due to bad weather, etc. you can use Skype! My Skype address is ‘hypnotherapy now’. Or if you live some distance from... read more

  • 5.5 stone weight loss with virtual gastric band

    Mother-of-two loses 5.5 stone in three months after being hypnotised into thinking she’d had gastric band surgery according to an article in the Daily Mail: Those who don’t believe in... read more

  • Strictly Hypnosis for Russell

              According to the Daily Express, Russell Grant has used hypnotherapy to help him in Strictly Come Dancing. Russell suffers from a bad hip which has... read more

  • Reminder

    Just a reminder that all appointments are now at Conference House, 152 Morrison Street, Edinburgh. The only exception to this are Wednesday afternoons from 4pm.

  • Latest research shows

    Latest research shows that  tougher action – including taxing junk food – is needed by all governments if the obesity crisis is going to be tackled, experts say. The international... read more