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It’s natural to get the Sunday night blues occasionally, but try these tips to make it only once in a blue moon, rather than once a week. (An article by “Hypnotherapy Directory”.)

You know exactly the time and day – that certain point on a Sunday afternoon/evening, when the thought of Monday morning comes crashing down on you like a tonne of bricks. You find yourself wondering if this is how Sundays for the rest of your life are going to be – and whether you can get away with pulling a sicky in the morning. But why is it that we get the Sunday blues?

Even after the best of weekends (or especially after the best weekends), there’s a grey cloud that emerges as we all realise that real life is about to regain control, and we have to start being responsible again.

But the end of the weekend doesn’t have to be the end of the fun. Give yourself a reason to look forward to the week, rather than dread it. Perhaps schedule a lunch date with a work friend on Monday to talk about the weekend, or go to the cinema one night after work to ease your way through the rest of the week. If every weekday is a string of wake up – go to work – go home, it has the potential to get you down – even if you enjoy what you do!

Sunday Funday Or, maybe it’s because you do your ‘fun’ things on a Saturday. Why not switch up your weekend routine? If you usually make plans on a Saturday and then do your chores and boring tasks on a Sunday, it’s bound to make you dread the end of the weekend. Instead, why not do your laundry or food shop first thing on a Saturday morning? Then make plans to see your friend for a coffee on Sunday afternoon, or invite your family over for an evening roast? Whatever it is that makes you feel happy and relaxed before you start another week, try to schedule it on Sunday.

Perhaps it’s worrying about your work schedule for the rest of the week that’s got you hating on Sundays. If it is, try to make time on a Friday to plan out the following week. Leave your desk tidy and finish off any of those time-consuming admin tasks before you leave the office for the weekend. Better to enter the weekend with a clear conscience – and the added pleasure on Sunday evening, of knowing that you don’t have to do them come Monday morning.

Full article by “Hypnotherapy Directory”