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From an article in the Daily Mail.
Nurse, 55, who ballooned to almost 16.5st by eating FIVE meals a day drops eight dress sizes after £2,000 ‘mind therapy’ made her believe she’d had a gastric band fitted

Mother-of-one Reija Uski, 55, who lives in Spain, had previously visited British-run Elite clinic in southern Spain for help quitting smoking, which she did after two sessions of hypnosis.

Impressed by how well the technique had worked, she signed up for its gastric mind band therapy, which involved being hypnotised into thinking she had a gastric band fitted in her stomach, in a bid to slim down.

‘The gastric mind band therapy is the best thing I have ever done. I only went to give up smoking,’ she said.

‘Now I feel amazing. The first time I saw my daughter after I underwent the therapy she didn’t recognise me. I feel alive now.’

Originally from Kotka, Finland but now living in Fuengirola, Spain, Reija began working as a registered nurse after she left school.

Throwing herself into her job, she finished the working day and returned home to enjoy too many meals and too many unhealthy snacks, unaware she was now up to around 14.5 stones.

The arthritis began to affect her mobility and her mental health and eventually she decided to change jobs and move to southern Spain, hoping the significantly warmer climate would reduce her discomfort.

After four daily intensive CBT sessions, she completed the treatment package by being hypnotised into believing she actually underwent weight loss surgery.
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