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Celebrities including Chris HughesAnna Richardson and Keira Knightly have spoken about turning to hypnotherapy for anxiety and its effectiveness. Here we look at how hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and what to expect from this approach

Let’s face it, portrayals of therapists in the media don’t always paint the best pictures of the professions, but hypnotherapists in particular get a particularly bad deal. From Matt Lucas’ depiction on Little Britain to the whirling hypnotic eyes of the snake in The Jungle Book, there’s a lot of misconceptions about the work of hypnotherapists.

Hypnotherapy, however, can be a key tool in any success kit for managing a range of life and mental health challenges, including anxietyphobiassexual problems and quitting bad habits like smoking.

Working on a subconscious level when you’re deeply relaxed, hypnotherapy uses suggestion techniques to encourage a change in thinking patterns. This can help ‘rewire’ the brain essentially, giving you a boost to help alter behaviour.

So how does this work when it comes to anxiety?

We spoke to hypnotherapist Penny Ling to find out more and how effective hypnotherapy can be for anxiety.

“Hypnotherapy works exceptionally well for anxiety. Many hypnotherapists find progressive relaxation very useful to help a person go into the trance state. We are allowing a person to be aware of the tension they’re carrying around with them, and to relax those muscles. By the time we work on the issue, the person is in a lovely relaxed state. It’s like having a mental massage.”

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