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Hypnosis for ADHD

In an experimental study, suggestions that the brain can heal itself, along with instruction regarding calming, focus, and confidence, have been shown to help children with ADHD (Thibault, 2018). Thus, it can be expected that suggestions given as part of hypnosis therapy can also be effective. This has certainly been the case in my clinical practice. The following techniques also can be useful in adults who deal with ADHD.

Calming suggestions are helpful as anxiety can lead to difficulties with attention. A child can learn to become calmer with hypnosis by imagining being in a calm environment of their choice. Alternatively, they can be instructed to become calmer by using slow, deep breathing.

By becoming calmer, children with ADHD can allow themselves more time to process information that comes their way. Calming also allows their minds to rest for a few moments from their wide-ranging thinking, after which they can better focus.
Full article: Psychology Today