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The Blowaway Technique is a gentle and an effective way to help children deal with problems such as lack of confidence, food issues, bed wetting, etc.

It is designed to help children resolve their emotional and anxiety-related conditions. It can be very difficult for a child or a teenager to articulate what is happening within them; they do not often have the insight or the vocabulary to express their feelings. Younger children, for instance, will have no idea why they wet the bed (enuresis).

Children may feel embarrassed, guilty or ashamed to discuss the issues with anyone, especially during the hormonal changes in puberty. Whereas talking therapy may take a long time, the non-verbal Blowaway Technique enables the child to release trapped emotion without the difficulty and potential embarrassment of putting their thoughts into words.

Suitable for all between the ages of 7 to 17.

Note: All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and have parental permission.