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Andrew Farquharson, D. Hyp. Adv. MIAEBP GHR

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Andrew Farquharson and I am an applied positive psychology coach, cognitive hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and CPI therapist. Prior to being a therapist, I spent a number of years working in education.

During my career as a teacher, I learned how individuals can be helped in times of emotional, mental or physical stress. I also came to see how powerful the human mind is. Hypnotherapy utilises the power of our own mind to transform lives.

I have had a deep interest in hypnotherapy for over 20 years. Undertaking the intensive study of Hypnotherapy with The International Association for Pure Hypnotherapy (IAPH), now the IAEBP has further supported my understanding of the power of the mind.I am also a member of the GHR.

I am a GHR accredited Hypnotherapist trainer.

I specialise in Weight Loss and Virtual Gastric Band, Smoking Cessation, working with children; anxiety and Changing Limiting Beliefs. I also specialise in Forensic Hypnotherapy and working with people who have suffered abuse.